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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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obama and the israeli prime minister meeting today, one day after the president said israel should give back the land it won in the 1967 war against palestine. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. prime minister netanyahu met with president obama today. they agree there are advancements that need to be made in the middle east, but they disagreed on thou go about that process. steve handelsman on capitol hill with more on the conflict inside and outside the white house today. steve? >> thanks, good evening. this was tense. the two leaders sat side by side, but they were and still are far apart on the key issue of rolling back its borders to what 44 years ago to what president obama demanded yesterday. >> outside the white house as
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president bush and prime minister netanyahu wrapped up a meeting marked by disagreement. we both agree that a piece based on iks losings. >> the biggest issue was a date. 1967. >> the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. >> president obama yesterday became the first u.s. president to say publicly israel should bring back the land it won in the '67 war. >> the reality is both sides are going to use the president's comments to manipulate it for their own purposes. >> palestinians did object, saying mutually agreed swaps means jewish settlers can stay in the west bank and israel says no. >> it cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are indefensible. our ultimate goal has to be a secure israeli state, a jewish state.
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another issue, hamas. islamic fundamentalists in gaza backed by iran. hamas reconciled with west bank palestinians and will not recognize israel. >> israel cannot be asked to negotiate with a government that is backed by the palestinian version of al qaeda. >> it was vintage netanyahu, unwilling, he said, to risk israel's annihilation. >> history will not give israel another chance. >> that was an anti-obama demonstration in new york. they down played their differences. still no progress was reported and restarting israeli help palestinian peace talks. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you, steve. >> a registered sex offender is under arrest accused to buy the anesthetic chloroform. the suspect claims he wanted to use the stuff on himself. 22-year-old basil hall, jr.,
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his indecent plea placed him on virginia's sex offender reg right of and that's what caught the attention of a new york chemical company. after hall tried to buy chloroform on the internet. the company ward's natural science alerted the fbi. >> apparently people at the company recognized that this was a registered sex offender who was attempting to purchase the chloroform and they contacted fbi who, in turn, contacted the police department. >> detectives went to the computer repair store when hall. when dead are asked what he knew about the substance he told detectives it was used to knock you out. he also said he planned to test it on himself. police discovered hall had failed to report a new e-mail address, in violation of sex offender registry rules. hall's probation from the indecent liberties case was revoked and he was jailed. police credit the chemical
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company for its tip. a company spokesman says because the product is intended for teachers and science experiments they routinely checkup on buyers. >> there are operational grade lines in place to review the customer registration. >> fairfax county police are busy now, analyzing hundreds of computer disks and electronic equipment seized from hall's home. at the computer repair store where hall was initially trained and later worked, the owner says he took the young man in as a favor to a customer who knew hall's parents. while the owner didn't like police coming by, he praised hall's work. >> he is very talented. he is very motivated on technology. and i don't think he's a dangerous person at all. >> for now, basil hall, jr., remains behind bars in the fairfax county adult detention center and he has another hearing scheduled next month. the attorney for basil hall,
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jr., declined to comment on the latest charges. just a few days after prince george's county executive pleaded guilty to corruption charges. his successor is talking about a change in the image of the county. rasean baker was on the politics hour on wamu radio today. >> and not only look at what's going on with this individual. let's look at the process and let's look at the structure and what do we need to do to change the structure so there's no doubt in anybody's mind that if you come to prince george's county what we expect is a quality project. we expect a benefit for the community. >> rasean baker said he wants to increase business opportunities prince george's county and to improve the schools there. flooding concerns continue along the potomac river tonight. boaters in our area need to use extra caution this weekend. the rain has the river flowing at potentially dangerous high levels, high waters washed well past the railings at haynes
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point today. derrick ward is live with a warning on the water situation out there. derrick? >> doreen, indeed, take a look at the potomac now behind me. we're looking south toward haynes point. it's kind of calm now, but maryland police have issued a warning for folks to stay away from the potomac and there's also caution for folks who take to the river dam this weekend. an appliance floats lazly on the banks of the potomac. not the most picturesque scene. rain swollen waters from up north are unloading to points south and this isn't to be taken lightly. we can split it in half. >> a veritable flotilla of craft designed to remove everything from the smallest to largest debris makes daily rounds on the potomac and the anacostia. >> they're doing an excellent job on it.
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still smaller boats could be put at peril and there is a more hidden danger, bacteria from e. coli from runoff and from fields and streets. >> there is a high level of -- pollution in the water. we have hazmat detection on our boat and we are able to -- if we get a call we are able to identify what those hazardous materials and are if they're significant or not. >> still the anacostia is mostly clear as is the potomac's channel for now, but more is expected this weekend when more pleasant weather will likely drive more people to the water. >> if we see a need or necessity we will up the manpower for the river and have the boats readily available. >> joining me now is chief kenneth ellerby. chief, you can't stress enough, i imagine for folks to exercise caution if they plan to be on the potomac or anacostia.
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>> we know there will be a high tide, we do want people to be careful out there and because of the water being introduced in the potomac from western maryland, may be a lot of debris in the water that can cause problems. there may be bacteria in the water so it may not be safe. >> are you going to be ramping up any at all to be prepared for busy traffic on the waterways lear? >> no, we'll be ever vigilant, though. we did have our senior leaders training today in terms of management. so i want to thank the mayor for that. >> great. so we should feel safer now. we all feel much safer, be aware, be informed. thank you for joining us, chief. thank you very much. >> we're live on the southwest waterfront. now back to you. >> derek ward, thank you. a lot of rain and the water is so swollen, are we done with that, doug. there's one more shower out there right now and we're watching the shower. we'll show you the radar and
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after that we are definitely done and heres on the live digital doppler radar and we'll zoom in and just a few showers and down into portion of charles county, but the strongest shower around the auburn area just to the east warrenton making its way to the southeast and watch out around calver torn as well. temperatures, 71 degrees. we still have those clouds around as a result of area of low pressure, temperatures around 07-degree mark in most locations and la plata at 72 degrees and this is what you can expect for the night tonight and maybe a shower or two and getting out of here by tomorrow morning and waking up near 61 with plenty of sunshine and we're looking at a fantastic weekend and i'll show it to you coming up. >> thanks, doug. >> 10,000 people, more than 10,000 people took part today in bike to work day. it's an annual event that promotes safe cycling and also tries to improve the tension
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between bicycles and motor vehicles sharing the road. tom sherwood has our report. >> from bethesda bikes to downtown d.c., virginia and elsewhere. bicycling enthusiasts celebrated bike to work day. nearly 11,000 registers cyclists on record. >> there were far more than that attended. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray joined in. he promised his administration would continue or improve by friendly policies in washington. >> silver is fine, gold is better. platinum is best. let's work to become the best in the world in terms of the bicycling program in the district of columbia. let's go for t everybody. >> better bike access won praise. we are definitely pro bike. >> i absolutely agree, and we don't wear helmets because in germany, helmets are not very necessary, but here it is. >> they did acknowledge they should have been wearing their
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helmets today. more and more citizens are taking up the riding choice. >> it's not dangerous. the only daeshlg is when they get weaving in and out of traffic. >> people are buying more. >> in fact, i wouldn't contribute it as much in the bike lanes. the big thing it's doing is the gas prices. >> although biking is growing in popularity. there's still a lot of tension between bikers and motor vehicles. >> it does need to be resolved. tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> the washington area bicyclist association is holding a 20-mile ride on sunday. in washington and in arlington, it's their annual fund-raising ride and you can find out more about that at and search the word bike. coming up on news 4, the delay that forced a french banker and the imf guy to wait in jail after posting bail on a sex assault case. an unexpected court-run outburst that led to a jail
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sentence in the murder trial of a mother in florida. >> a new concern forced flas to cut a space walk short today for two endevour astronauts. a paraplegic man took his first steps. >> hakim, what's aed in sports? doreen, coming up in sports, the nationals and orioles meet up tonight and both want to resume the battle of the beltways and the clemson baseball team spikes up the 7-10 split and how kevin durant and the thunder emphatically take homecourt [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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nato air strikes resumed overnight in tripoli. cockpit video released showed direct hits on ships and other targets at a sea port. it was also where the two  american journalists have safely reached tunisia after being released by the libyan government yesterday along with a spanish photographer and a british reporter. the americans were detained for 44 days. they say a south african photographer they were traveling with were shot and killed during their initial encounter with government forces. the photographer's family is accusing lib yaf a cover-up. they say the libyans told them he was alive and in their custody. the former imf leader accused of sexual assault has been released finally from a new
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york jail. the process took longer than expected after the initial arrangements for his house arrest fell through. michelle franzen explains. >> reporter: on the move, dominique strauss-kahn was released from ryker's island jail. the judge approved a temporary living location in downtown manhattan after lawyers assured the court it was secured and mret the strict court conditions for his house arrest after he files sexual assault charges. >> he signed the order. >> strauss-kahn posted a cash bail of $1 million and also a $5 million insurance bond. at his bail hearing a day earlier, lawyers outlined an elaborate home confinement option and the form head of the imf must remain under 24-hour surveillance, with armed guards on site at all times and he must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. >> it is one of the most restrictive i have ever seen. it is very similar to bernie madoff. >> the 62-year-old almost had to spend another night in jail on
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ryker's island. the original luxury apartment his wife rented on the upper east side suddenly became unavailable, that after building managers fielded complaints by residents who did not want the crush of the media camping out. >> a grand jury indicted strauss-kahn on serve count including attempted rape, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment. he is accused of sexually assaulting the maid in this suite. >> the charges in the indictment are serious, indeed. they carry a penalty of 25 years in prison. this is not an insignificant case. >> and one that is already redefined and confined the life of this french banker and politician. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> in florida today, the jury selection in the casey anthony murder trial was brought to a sudden halt. a woman watching the proceeding sern suddenly interrupted the jury selection.
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>> the woman yelled she killed somebody anyway. deputies escorted her out of the courtroom. she later apologized to the judge and said she was mentally ill. the juror who was being questioned at the time was dismissed. casey anthony is on trial for the murder of her 3-year-old daughter caylee. coming up, a tornado moves in and carves a path of destruction in a place that has aren't been hit in nearly a decade. >> more metro work would inconvenience riders during memorial day weekend. it will feel more
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nasa decided to cut short a space walk today because of a problem with a crew member's space suit. two endevour astronauts were installing an antenna and doing other routine work around the space station when controllers noticed one of the astronaut's carbon dioxide sensors stopped working. as a precaution the six and a half hour space walk wrapped up 45 minutes early. nasa also was taking a closer look at a damaged thermal tile on the underbelly of the space shuttle. this will be endevour's final
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flight. people in philadelphia are cleaning up after the first tornado since 1999. wednesday's twister lasted seconds, but it left a path of destruction. store security cameras captured video of the storm under way. several homes and businesses were damaged. there were no reports of injuries, though. it's amazing the pictures that we see now from the surveillance cameras that are everywhere. >> surveillance cameras, you know, phone cameras, everything and everybody is asking me all of the time, are we getting more tornados? we're getting more tornado reports because the technology happens to be much bigger now. >> and does that make it easier for the weather service to identify tornados? >> that's one of the first things they look at now. before they had to go out there and figure out how the trees were aligned and were they in different directions and what type of debris and you see that on camera? that's a tornado. you know that's a tornado. i'm not going out there, and that's a tornado and we're good to go. >> as far as our weather is concerned things are going calm down greatly over the next couple of days and if you don't
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have plans to do something this weekend, make them. find something to do outside. it is going to be that nice and a lot of us have been stuck indoors over the last couple of days and because of the rain, and others have seen sunshine and if you think of taking a boat out on the potomac, that water is still very, very high and they could hit debris out there and watch out along the potomac. the chesapeake should be okay. as far as what we'll be seeing over the last couple of days, live digital doppler radar, most of the rain off to the north and east and it will continue to move on out of here and we'll have shower activity right around calverton and fauquier county making its way in toward prince william county and we'll watch that shower continue. most of it will continue to fall apart and light to moderate rain there and another one that was just over chap ilpoint a minute ago and making its way down allen's flush. the rest of us, on the dry side, but we still have the flood warning along the potomac and
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the coastal flood warning for areas down to alexandria once again, through the day on saturday. by saturday afternoon things will really calm down along the river. everybody is going to be seeing much improving conditions as our area of low pressure which had just been spinning and spinning and spinning finally spins on out of the region and not just out of the region and out of the country. get this thing out of here. we want to see some sunshine and it's going come just in time for the weekend. something else will come, too. 72 degrees the high temperature today. a big warm-up making it's way into the region as temperatures are going to climb and they're going to climb a lot as we make our way into next week. 71 degrees right now. winds on the variable side at 7 miles an hour and dew point around 54. 70 in frederick and 74 down toward fredericksburg and 69 in leonardtown. we will cool off down into the upper 50s for most of us overnight tonight, but look at what we can expect tomorrow. these are current temperatures.
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71 here, but 80 toward raleigh and 77 in cincinnati. that's the warmer air that will funnel into our region and we will really see the warm-up start tomorrow and it's not going end until next week. this evening, mostly cloudy and a few isolated showers, but clearing late. temperatures dropping around the 71-degree mark down to 65 to 8:00, 9:00. sunrise at 5:51, getting earlier and earlier. 52 degrees to about 59 inside the city. as we make our way through the day tomorrow. mostly sunny, a great day. 77 to 82 degrees and it gets even better or hotter depending on how you look at it. some people love 90. if you love it, we have a couple of them. 807 sunday with a chance of afternoon shower or thunderstorm. monday or tuesday just hot. higher than 90 or 91 degrees. we could see an isolated shower or storm on tuesday and right now we're keeping it dry and i think we could stay around 90-degree mark on wednesday and into thursday as well before we
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finally see a front come through during the day on friday to help cool us down a little bit, but it is so funny, we'll go from what was a great week last week to a lot of rain this past week and next week we're going into hot stuff and we'll hear oh, it's too hot. this week it was too rainy and too hot. >> we're just never satisfied. >> you're good? >> as long as i can please you two. >> thank you, doug. coming up, a report on the problem that may have caused a bus driver to slam into a fast food restaurant. >> a mother mored murdered on the streets and the victim's family think they know who did it. >> randy macho man savage, a wrestling star from back in the day killed. >> students arrested during rowdy ncaa cell bracing may escape any punish the at all. why the rivalry against the orioles has a chance to get better and what the clemson baseball
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president obama barack obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu remain sharply divided over a plan for peace in the middle east. the two met for two hours today. netanyahu made it clear that israel will not return to the borders it held before the 1967
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war. a news 4 exclusive report revealed a registered sex offender in fairfax county has been charged with trying to buy chloroform over the internet. a chemical company tipped off police about basil hall, jr., and his attempt to purchase the anesthetic. hall told police he wanted to test it on himself. authorities say boaters should use caution before they head out on the potomac river this weekend. the river is rain swollen and at potentially dangerous levels. debris is in the water -- debris is in the water and that debris could overturn a boat. a young mother was stabbed to death overnight in temple hills, maryland. police say there are still a lot of unanswered questions about just what happened. >> tiara capel was attacked in her own neighborhood. the father of her child was critically injured. as pat collins reports, investigators are trying to find the pieces to this puzzle. >> this is nevari, he's the
6:31 pm
1-year-old that tiara left behind. >> reporter: little nevari capel. his mother is dead. his father in critical condition. all of this after a puzzling, stabbing incident last night in temple hills. the murder victim. 21-year-old tiara capel, killed in her own neighborhood. >> tiara is a very, very quiet girl. she had dreams and she's only 21 years old. >> for her to die this way. >> for her to die this way is very, very shocking and very tragic. >> tiara capel, she worked at a petsmart. she took the bus home. she got off at the stop on temple hills road and then walked down leslie avenue to her home way down the street. but here at the top of the hill they say she was attacked.
6:32 pm
she was stabbed. she was murdered. >> also treated for stab wounds last night, tiara's exboyfriend. police say he's the one that called 911 for help. he's the one that told tiara's family what happened. the exboyfriend told police they were attacked by an unknown, knife-wielding suspect. police are told the ex-boyfriend is in critical condition. tiara complained about abuse and got a stay away order against her ex-boyfriend. march she asked that that order be dismissed. as for that stabbing case last night, there's a lot more to be known. >> there's a lot of questions left to be answered. investigators are sorting through the facts to find out what exactly happened. >> one question yet to be answered, why was that
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ex-boyfriend in tiara's neighborhood last night at 11:00? i'm pat collins, news 4shgs prince george's county. a ride-on bus veered off the road and slammed into a kentucky fried chicken restaurant in silver spring this morning. it happened about 7:30 in the 12400 block of georgia avenue. the bus driver and a passenger were injured. the driver's been identified as andrew tom camara of silver spring. he may have suffered a medical emergency while trying to leave the glen montt metro station. it's been deemed unsafe and has been closed. a teenager behind a deadly crash is facing criminal charges. the wreck happened one month ago on log mill road. the same road where two other teens were killed last august. as john schriffen reports now, local officials are trying to help other teens learn from the tragedies. >> it's nice to come and just
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make sure everything's clean. >> dee will forever be connected to log mill road, a hilly stretch of land in hay market, virginia. just last month her 15-year-old daughter savannah and 15-year-old friend kendra tucker were both killed when the car they were riding in smashed into a tree. all five teenagers onboard who attended battlefield high school were not wearing seat belts. after a lengthy investigation thursday, police arrested the driver, 18-year-old christopher suarez and charged him with reckless driving. >> the driver, christopher suarez was driving above the posted speed limit and that endangerment led to the accident. >> reporter: this accident comes less than nine months after two other teens from battlefield high school were killed when their speeding car swerved into oncoming traffic. >> many people here in the community say what makes log mill road so dangerous is all of the hills, as a driver, it's tough to see what's coming up in front. in response, the county recently announced a plan to spend nearly
6:35 pm
$3 million to make log hill road completely flat. >> it's not the hills that should be blamed. instead the teens looking for a thrill. >> it's really the drivers. you know, people driving too fast. kids trying to have fun and not wear their seat belts and thinking they're invincible. >> to put an end to the tragedies, prince william county police will hold a presentation at battlefield high school focusing on laws and what parents can do to educate their teens. >> something good has to come out of something bad -- so just as long as people wear their seat belts and are conscious about what they're doing when they're driving and know that, you know, there's always a consequence to your actions so choose accordingly. >> in hay market, virginia, john schriffen, news 4. >> the teenage driver is being held without bond. the next court appearance will happen in september. >> if your memorial weekend
6:36 pm
plans -- especially on the blue and the orange lines. four station will be closed beginning at 10:00 next friday night all of the way through memorial day. those stations are capital south, eastern market, potomac avenue and stadium armory. metro crews will be replacing tracks and switches and improving underground cell phone reception. free shuttle busses will be available between those four stations. >> it's going to be a very busy weekend for us. we have a lot of people in town for various events. we encourage them to continue to take metro. again, most of our system is up and running normally, this segment of it and we'll ask people to take a little bit more time. >> metro is suggesting riders add an extra to 30 minutes to their travel time. coming up on news 4, cyclist lance armstrong takes on a new accusation claiming he took performance-enhancing drugs. >> a man paralyzed since 2006
6:37 pm
has now
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>> hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer.
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in storm center 4shgs still watching a couple of showers. if you have plans this eening i don't think you have much to worry about if you're thinking of sitting outside you should be okay in most looks. a few showers in montgomery county and down around portions of prince william county and now moving into stafford county as well, but there are very light showers and continuing to get out of here. skies will continue to clear, 58 degrees in washington overnight. 52 in warrenton. tomorrow afternoon we're going to see sunshine and a lot of it and high temperatures into the lower 80s with a high of 82 in the district that's going to be a beautiful day out there on your saturday and it gets even warmer and maybe even nicer during the day on sunday. doreen? >> sounds good. thank you, doug. ache psyc cyclist who said armstrong -- tyler hamilton admitted to doping during his cycling career, but denies doing so during the 2004 olympics.
6:41 pm
hamilton says lance armstrong used a blood booster called epo before or durings the tour de france in 1999, 2000 and 2001. those are three of the seven years armstrong won the prestigious race. armstrong has retired from racing now. he has always denied doping and he has never failed a drug test. a man who some call one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. macho man randy savage died today in a car accident. it happened in tampa, florida, this morning. randy's brother said the wrestling legend suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel and lost control of his vehicle. police say alcohol was not a factor. savage started wrestling in the world wrestling federation in 1985. savage's real name was randy pafo. he was 58 years old. some fans at virginia
6:42 pm
commonwealth university who were arrested after the men's basketball team lost in the final four will not face charges. thousands of people flooded the streets of downtown richmond following that game back in march. six people were arrested. the prosecutors dropped charges against five of them. they say authorities were not able to keep track of which officers actually witnessed the allegedly illegal acts. >> the richmond times dispatch newspaper reports that one person is still facing disorderly conduct charges. >> macho man was one of the best entertainers of all time. and we will miss him. he brought it every time. what else have you got? >> coming up, it's officially a series between oklahoma city and dallas. how the backup stole the show. the phillies running up in ballot more and plus the nates and orioles trying to renew their rivalry tonight
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today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes
6:45 pm
wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011. so is this a good thing? this inner league baseball team? >> i like it. i'm a fan of baseball so i love inner league play because then you get to see different guys playing against different teams.
6:46 pm
what do you think about it? ? >> you're still on the fence. >> rivalry is good, hype is good. come on, that's fun. >> maybe this weekend will make you a believer. >> bring it on. >> and inner league play is a hot topic around the game. managers don't necessarily care for it, but a lot of the fans do. tonight the battle of the beltways begins in baltimore, a chance for the nationals to refuel a rivalry running on empty. lately it's been all orioles. the nats won four out of six to the os including a sweep at camden yards and here are skippers on the rivalry. >> as both clubs get better and it's gotten a chance to be a good rivalry and gait fans in washington and great fans in baltimore, and i think both clubs will just have to play better and when both clubs are playing well it's got a chance to be a good rivalry. >> bottom line is if it's important to the fans it's got to be important to you regardless of how you feel about it personally. i know those games are pretty important in new york and i
6:47 pm
imagine what the regional effect of this is pretty important here. >> buck showalter referencing new york. it can become big as well. all right. nba now, game one of the western conference finals was all about the stars. dirk nowitzki and kevin durant of the thunder was all about the back urps and the oklahoma city bench outscored 50 to 39, helping the thunder rain in game two. kevin durant was 40 points in game one and both guys doing the work last night. early first quarter, mavericks lead by two and drives baseline throws it down and he finished with 29 points. later in the first quarter, tlunder trailing by nine, durant with the ball drives strong to the bucket and check it out. dunks over former wizard brandon hayward. durant draws the foul and take a couple of looks that the. he's a talented man. the christian product scores 24
6:48 pm
points. wow! >> he's trying to knock him down. >> end of the third quarter, it's a one-point game. russell westbrook who had been playing well, fouls jason kidd and scott brooks benches westbrook, and he's upset at the time, but he did cheer on his team in the first quarter, eric mainer, remember that name from the virginia commonwealth and blade the entire fourth quarter and mainer had 13 points, okc, up three. late in the fourth, thirnd up eight and the shot clock winding down, james harden, crossing over and this is nice. hits the fade-away and beats the buzzer and the hard win for 23 points off the bench. oklahoma city defeats dallas, 106 to 100 in game two. scott brooks why he chose to bench russell westbrook. >> sticking with eric over russell. eric did a good job. it doesn't happen often. russell is an incredible player. he's our starting point guard, but we weren't getting a lot of
6:49 pm
things done and his time was to come out and i stayed with eric. i thought eric was terrific handling the -- their decisions on the court and guys made big shots. >> the coach made a good decision by doing that. eric maynard and they were unbelievable for us tonight and nick kept battling and i just try to playoff those guys and they really won the game for us and that was a big effort so we'll need that for the rest of the seary snoops durant and the thunder evened series at one game a piece. mark turgeon announced his coaching staff. they hired d.c. native delante hill. he spent the last six seasons at kansas state and is known for the extense of recruiting tie to the d.c. metro area. game three of the eastern conference finals between the lightning and bruins last night in tampa. they're trying to bounce back
6:50 pm
after losing game two. milan pass es es to david in fr. sweet moves by krachy and boston takes a 1-0 lead. third period and chris kelly passes and he throws it on net and scores. how did he do that? take another look. the puck goes underneath the pads and then trickles across the line. boston shuts out tampa bay 2-0. game four is tomorrow afternoon here at 1:30 on nbc 4. the 136th rung of the preakness is tomorrow in baltimore. animal kingdom will try to keep the hope alive attempting to become the first horse in 33 years to win the triple crown. today, ladies first, five
6:51 pm
phillfilphillfil fillies in the postseason. five in the gate for the race and they are off and the black-eyed susan and taking the early lead is hot summer, but can she hold up? >> here's the answer. sound up. >> royal delta, a fallout drive in the eighth pole. they're going to give her a run for her money and the delta in front and boston's ready on the outside and cannot get to her and royal delta has won the black-eyed susan. >> buster's red was my pick. >> the favorite royal delta, and hot summer was third. as for tomorrow's race you can see the preakness here on nbc 4. coverage begins at 4:30. back to baseball, there have been more rainouts in the big league so far this season than all of last season. yeah, believe that. rain has also wreaked havoc in college baseball. earlier in the week we showed you rain delayed jousting and
6:52 pm
tonight it's rain delay bowling and during a rain delay and the clemson home game they passed the time with a human bowling. one guy throws a human bowling ball and knocks down eight players, pins and whatever you want to call them. how isly going to get that? trying to get the spare and this dude knocks the one guy and then slides it over and gets the spare. once the game resumed clemson defeated davidson 19-0. >> there's the pin machine. >> they're so creative in college baseball and they had a bunch of other stuff in the game. >> thanks. the breakthrough discovery that helped a paraplegic man take his first steps. >> for all your news we invite you to follow news
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6:55 pm
there is an unprecedented development in spinal cord research. a man paralyzed below the chest can now stand on his own and in fact, take some steps independently. lori lyle now looks at the combination of therapy that made all this possible.
6:56 pm
>> to everyone's disbelief i was able to stand independently the third day we turned it on. >> reporter: an epidural stimulator, something like this, implanted over his spinal cord. rob summers, a promising baseball player, paralyzed from his mid-chest down in a tonight 06 hit and run. he scouted out the most promising rehab available. >> being an aths leet i knew there was only one way to get there and that was through determination, focus and setting my goals higher than anyone could believe. >> reporter: he found that here at frazier rehab with a team looking to hit a home run in spinal cord research. >> this is the first time that this has been used in combination with the training. >> here we go. >> reporter: susan brought locomotor training in 2005. the theory with specific, repetitive movement, it reteaches the spinal cord how to walk. we've shared some incredible successes, patients like chase ford with limited sensation, but
6:57 pm
paralyzed eventually taking steps. >> rob with complete motor loss tried it without success. >> however, there's another component of it and this is where the epidural stimulation comes. >> implanted december 2009 with the idea, the hope. >> in order to get the spinal cord to a physiological state where it can function in order to stay under step, we needed to stimulate those neurons, something the brain can no longer do. >> with this device -- first standing without assistance up to an hour. it's the combination of the stimulation and the intense training and the incredible continues. >> after seven months of training is when his ability emerged. >> being able to move my toes, ankles, knees on command. it was absolutely incredible. words, there are no words to describe how i felt. at one point it was just a dream
6:58 pm
and now it's reality and now i'm taking literally the next step. >> doctors say summers' respiratory and heart function also improved with that treatment. coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, a mother from virginia is being called super mom after an incredible catch. a glove in one hand and a baby in the other. she tells us about the moment she saw that ball coming tonight at 11:00. >> good for her. >> she's not letting that one go. >> right. a great day out there today because it has not rained all that much, but a lot of cloud cover out there and it will be even better tomorrow because those clouds will give way fo some sunshine. most of us are on the dry side, by most of us, probable 95% of us will be dry this evening and those of you in staff ford county are seeing showers around the whitewater area and that will cross over the potomac and over toward portion of charles
6:59 pm
county. temperatures the next couple of days are going up high. 82 on your saturday and 807 sunday and it will be a great weekend. there are so many events this weekend and get out and enjoy them all, all 90 on monday and 91 on tuesday and there is a chance for showers on sunday, but i'm not looking for too many of those and look at what happens as we end the week next week. we stay hot. temperatures around the 90-degree mark until friday. >> sounds good. >> thank you, doug. some fashion news tonight, a top european shoe designer created a show-stopping pair of sandals for the cannes film festival. the shoes are by the italian designer guiseppe zanotti. you can call it pink, but with a price taffing $180,000, the sures more likely to be labeled fuchsia. it is dripping with diamonds, pink sapphires and they're multipurpose, the ankle strap detaches so you can wear it as a bracelet


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